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2021 SHANGHAI API EXPO | S-HANDE Stunning the Audience
Abstract: On the first day of the exhibition, various businesses competed for beauty. As a leader in the adult products industry, S-HANDE attracted the attention of countless peopl···
Rose that you can easily get at home
Is it because you two have been together for a long timeAre you bothered if you don't feel new to each other?Have you ever thought about being at homeExperience some fresh game···
Global Glimpse: India's first legal sex toy store opens
In India, a country that is open but slightly hypocritical (the Indian media is self-defeating), the number of views of erotic videos ranks among the top in the world, but sex toys···
How much do you know about the health benefits of sex toys?
A study conducted at Indiana University in the United States found that among women aged 18-65, 53% of women and 45% of men used vibrators, and the use of vibrators significantly i···
S-HANDE | The 2021 Shanghai International Adult Exhibition ended successfully
👉The 2021 Shanghai International Adult Exhibition ended successfully👈This three-dayShanghai International Sex Toys ExhibitionS-Hande brings more than 50 new products in the fun···
Why is it so difficult to synchronize the orgasms of boys and girls?
Many people are puzzled why it is difficult to synchronize male and female orgasms in married life. It is mainly caused by the different reactions and body structures of men and w···
Where are your sex toys hidden? Listen to what the netizens say
"Hey... I have always wanted to buy a big dildo, but I have never thought of where it will be hidden and will not be discovered. Please help me out with a foolproof idea! Mom···
How did the ancients use contraception?
In modern societyCondoms are now everywhereUltra-thin, granular, spike sleevesThere are all kinds of strange thingsBut how did the ancients use contraception?1. Ancient ChinaTV ser···
Top 10 most popular sex knowledge on Google search in 2020
When we want to know the answers to some more private questions, we may not ask others directly, but search for answers through Internet search engines. Recently, frommars data co···
Newsletter: The sales of adult toys in Australia soared by 150%!
According to a new study, more and more Australians use lunch time for sex while working from home.The bedroom furniture brand leader Koala analyzed more than 1,000 Australian hous···
Sexy supermodel invests in sex toys and generously responds to fans’ questions about sex toys
Summary: Victoria's Secret Supermodel (and actor) Cara Delevingne not only has a thriving entertainment business, but also invested in the erotic brand Lora DiCarlo, encouragin···
2021 young men and women sexual health report
The report shows that nearly 60% of young men and women in the workplace said that pressure at work would seriously affect their "sexual interest", and 40.7% said they di···
Sexual thought revolution: Baby boomers are triggering the next sexual revolution through physical dolls
People have expressed great concern that robots may take away human jobs-but the intelligentizationof machines in other fields has caused great repercussions. The US TV channel air···
Japanese photographer transforms a house into a private physical doll museum
Photographer and entity doll lover Yoshitaka Hyodo transformed his residence into a private Japanese sex museum.He lives in Yashio City, at the junction of Saitama Prefecture and T···
How do men take care of their penis?
How do men take care of their penis? In addition to maintaining adequate exercisein order to strengthen the lower limbs and increase testosterone, men whowant to improve their sexu···