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Top 10 most popular sex knowledge on Google search in 2020

Viewed:1092 Date:2021-07-07

When we want to know the answers to some more private questions, we may not ask others directly, but search for answers through Internet search engines.


Recently, frommars data counts what people searched on Google about sexual health, sexual skills, and interpersonal relationships in 2020, and ranked the most frequently searched. Let's take a look at the most frequently searched sex knowledge among the American people if there are any issues that you care about.

What are the symptoms of chlamydia infection? As the most searched question in sexual health and also in the three major question categories, the number of searches reached 2,518,100 times in 2020. Among them, the Washington area has the most searched people.

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How about sex? Very direct question, so it is the most searched in the sexual skills category, reaching nearly 1 million times. Among them, Utah has the most average number of searches.

What is gaslighting? In fact, this is a form of psychological abuse called "gaslight psychological manipulation" in psychology. It is defined as: a person or a group of people keeps repeating and distorting the facts, making the victim doubt his own cognition, memory, and judgment Even feel. This question ranks first in the human relationship category, with nearly 1.6 million searches.

Erectile dysfunction. The average American searches for erectile dysfunction and related words over 260,000 per month.

How to measure the length of the penis? Probably affected by the epidemic, the number of searches surged in the first half of 2020, and the number of searches for the whole year was close to 200,000.