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Sexual intercourse is one of the ways to solve sexual worries and difficulties
There is such a case: Mr. Liu and the victim girl were netizens who met through online chat, and the two met a few months later. On the day of the meeting, the man directly pulled ···
What Is The Difference Between Prostate Massager and Anal Toy?
Whatis the anal toy?An anal toy is a type of sex toy that is designed for use during anal play. These toys may also have added features such as vibration, texture, or a curved shap···
Why Are People So Crazy About the Rose Toy?
What is the rose toy?A rose toy is a type of sex toy that is designed to provide suction and stimulation to the clitoris and simulate the sensation of oral sex. It may be shaped li···
8 Best Anal Toys of S-HANDE 2022
Anal toys typically include a variety of products designed for anal stimulation, such as analplugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, and anal dildos. Those toys can be used for solo···
Top 6 Sex Toys from S-HANDE Rose Series
Rose Pro7The Rose Pro 7 comes with two parts, a licking rose tongue in combination with a thrusting love egg to offer irresistible sexual pleasure. Two motors are placed on the hea···
Best Gift for Her on International Women's Day 2023
Why are we celebrating international women's day?International Women's Day is a globally recognized event that is set to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and polit···
How to Celebrate 2023 International Women's Day?
What is International Women's Day?International Women's Day is a global day celebrated annually on March 8th to recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political achi···
A middle-aged man works in a different place and buys 6 simulation dolls as his companions, his wife and children understand and support
In recent years, more and more people are buying "simulation dolls". For them, "dolls" are no longer a prop, but a "soul mate". A 66-year-old middle-···
Where are your sex toys hidden? Listen to what the netizens say
"Hey... I have always wanted to buy a big dildo, but I have never thought of where it will be hidden and will not be discovered. Please help me out with a foolproof idea! Mom···
Why do men's sexual performance decline sharply after 30 years of age?
Most men's sexual ability will decline to varying degrees after the age of 30. Why is this happening? It can be told with certainty that most men's sexual ability will decl···
Top 10 most popular sex knowledge on Google search in 2020
When we want to know the answers to some more private questions, we may not ask others directly, but search for answers through Internet search engines. Recently, frommars data co···
Newsletter: The sales of adult toys in Australia soared by 150%!
According to a new study, more and more Australians use lunch time for sex while working from home.The bedroom furniture brand leader Koala analyzed more than 1,000 Australian hous···
Sexy supermodel invests in sex toys and generously responds to fans’ questions about sex toys
Summary: Victoria's Secret Supermodel (and actor) Cara Delevingne not only has a thriving entertainment business, but also invested in the erotic brand Lora DiCarlo, encouragin···
Demystifying the difference in frequency of sexual fantasies between men and women
An ancient legend mentioned that every 7 seconds a man would think about sex in his mind, new research on this legend has recently come out.In fact, on average, men have 34.2 sexua···
2021 young men and women sexual health report
The report shows that nearly 60% of young men and women in the workplace said that pressure at work would seriously affect their "sexual interest", and 40.7% said they di···