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Where are your sex toys hidden? Listen to what the netizens say

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"Hey... I have always wanted to buy a big dildo, but I have never thought of where it will be hidden and will not be discovered. Please help me out with a foolproof idea! Mom will help me clean up the house, and my sister will look through my closet!"

So how to hide the toys in a suitable place is also very necessary. Where do you hide the sex toys? Let’s take a look at how experienced players hide toys:


Summer is here, those thicker quilts are not available, they are stuffed into the cabinet, and the fake penis may be on a certain layer of the quilt.


A woman’s wardrobe will always be missing a piece of clothing or a bag. Those bags that are generally not used will not be looked through, and we don’t know what is stored in it.

1.woman’s wardrobe.jpg


The toilet tank in the bathroom is a good place to store personal toys. Wrap some of our personal toys in plastic wrap, tie a few circles of tape and put them in the toilet tank.


Tape the toy to the back of the bed, so Mom can't see it while mopping the floor to clean up the room.

2.the back of the bed.jpg


As the saying goes, the most dangerous place is the safest place, so cosmetic boxes, drawers, etc. are daily storage spaces.


Buying a confusingly shaped vibrator, most people will think it is a toy, if mom sees it, when she asks you what it is? You said it was a little toy, and my mother believed it. (It feels like mothers are not vegetarians. For the sake of your adulthood, she should not have seen it)

Print a piece of paper with the content of "gift" posted on a plastic bag, and put small toys in the inner closet.



The secret compartment of the daily backpack may store a small toy, similar to the condom in a boy’s wallet, the same principle.


Put it in a box. That box turned out to be another product box, just enough to hold the vibrator. Think about it, shoe boxes, fruit boxes...


I would hide where I put my socks and cover them with stockings, because there are still elders in the family who dare not blatantly just put them in the drawer, fearing that it would be bad for parents to open the drawer occasionally.

4.cover them with stockings.jpg


If you have a lot of toys, you can buy a safe and put it in the closet. Sex toys are more private and more provocative in disguise. Every time you take it out of the safe, it is full of fun.


I’m at home, and I put it in an unremarkable piggy bank on my bay window, and then every time my mother cleans up, I want to see how much money I’ve saved...


I bought a beautiful milk carton on the Internet. It looks like a piggy bank on the outside, but inside is my toy.


Single, living alone, my parents have keys, sometimes they come to cook a meal or help me organize things, mainly because my mom wants to take the opportunity to detect my personal problems. How smart I am. There is a big plush bear on the bed with an invisible zipper on its back. I hid the little toy inside. My mother never noticed it.


Find a shoe box, put it on the bottom layer of the shoe box, and put a pair of cotton tow the bag and put it on top.


There is a desktop computer in the room. Open the main box and you will find that there is really a lot of space inside! It seems that mom and dad won’t be able to dismantle the console and play, and the safety factor is 99.9%. Because the host has temperature and is not afraid of humidity, it is best to pack it in a ventilated cloth bag before putting it in, and then put it in. The black one is the best! 

6the safety factor is 99.9%.gif


Hidden in a Russian matryoshka, the largest inner space is just right. Put it in a place that is not easy to touch, and generally no one will look through your things.


Whatever to hide, I always "carry" my toys with me.


Fully develop your own brains and make them invisible as a part of life. For example, this lock ring can be used to decorate napkins.

7.lock ring can be used to decorate napkins.jpg

This kind of fake penis with suction cup is for women. It can be sucked to a place and then sit on it and move on its own. Usually it is very convenient as a doorstop.


Finally, please share a corner you hide? Where are your toys usually hidden?