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Why is it so difficult to synchronize the orgasms of boys and girls?

Viewed:950 Date:2021-07-13

Many people are puzzled why it is difficult to synchronize male and female orgasms in married life.

It is mainly caused by the different reactions and body structures of men and women. It is almost impossible in reality to show the hearty and hearty scenes in the movie while reaching the climax at the same time. is difficult to synchronize male and female orgasms.jpg

The climax of a boy is like a straight line, and after reaching the climax as time goes deep, it begins to slide straight down.

In general, men’s sexual desire response is divided into 4 cycles, which are the excitement period, the plateau period, the climax period and the fading period.

Men are often aroused through visual stimuli and have sexual impulses. The obvious manifestation of male physiological arousal is the erection of the penis, followed by the plateau period, at this stage it is like running for orgasm.

At this time the excitement has accumulated to a certain level, and the orgasm seems to be an instant event. During this period, the male will overflow the glandular fluid to prepare for the orgasm.

Then, the man is wrapped in the vagina, and the warm, soft, comfortable feeling and regular movements stimulate the man to ejaculate at the same time as the orgasm is reached. After the orgasm, the man enters the "sage time", which is the fading period. The penis is no longer erect, and the body's sexual response gradually calms down and returns to its usual state.

2.Physiological structure determines orgasm.jpg

The orgasm of women is a curve, with no apex and purpose, and more focused on the process and feelings.

Therefore, women do not need to go through the process of excitement, plateau, climax, and fading period. This process is often disrupted by women.

But in terms of physical performance, there are still traces to be found. In the initial stage, after women receive kisses and caress, their sexual desire is gradually aroused. The physical manifestation is that the vagina becomes moist, begins to change, the volume becomes larger, hyperemia, and slightly open.

Moreover, the difference in needs between the sexes is very subtle, or even non-existent. Many people believe that women's sexual needs are more indifferent than men.

3.the body of a girl needs to be awakened slowly.jpg

A man's physical structure determines that his orgasm is very easy to reach, and his feelings are relatively shallow, so this is why boys like to ask their partner: Are you comfortable just now and whether you have an orgasm. Because half of a man’s satisfaction lies in bringing pleasure to his own woman, and then feeling a sense of intimacy and conquest.

But the body of a girl needs to be awakened slowly. A woman is like the process of fruit ripening. Most of the time, boys are too anxious to wait for the fruit to ripen. If you are immature, boys will feel that the fruit is too jerky, not plump and not tasty. If you know how to slow down, interact and communicate more, women will bloom like flowers, which is the most beautiful state.