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The principle of the sucking toy

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Many women do not feel comfortable when they first encounter sex.

Women are far less aware of their bodies and desires than men, and many people still don't know what an orgasm is like.

Therefore, women must first understand themselves, in order to know what to do to be more comfortable and happy. Surveys show that people who can experience orgasm during masturbation are more likely to experience orgasm during double sex.


However, it is really difficult to find a partner who understands your body, can lead you to develop sensitive points step by step, and finally climb the peak together, so let's start with sex toys!

She was obviously designed from a female perspective, and her soft and cute shape is pleasing to the eye. In fact, the principle of the sucking function is to create a semi-closed space with a small mouth. After opening the switch of the sucking mouth, the tympanic membrane inside drives the air to vibrate and gently tap the clitoris of the girl.


Don't directly stimulate it as soon as it comes up. If you use the strongest mode directly, more sensitive women may still feel a little pain, which is one of the reasons why many newbies feel that they have a poor experience with toys for the first time.

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Even a person's masturbation should have a sense of ritual, dim the lights or light your favorite candle, match it with a lingering music, choose a novel or movie you like, and wait for the brain to send out "want" signal and then proceed to the next step gradually.

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