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Some misunderstandings about sex

Viewed:1048 Date:2021-06-29

Some misunderstandings about sex-01

1.All kinds of sexual behaviors should be prohibited during pregnancy

There are many ways of expressing love, even if it is pregnant sexual intercourse, it is important and method to be valued. A violent orgasm in the first three months of pregnancy will cause the uterus to contract and cause miscarriage. As long as you pay attention to this, there are no special problems at other times, and safety and comfort are the prerequisite. It is best not to use excessively stimulating sex toys and lubricating fluids with special fragrances during this period.

2. A small penis is not as satisfying as a large one

This is a false subjective conjecture. Regardless of whether the penis is large or small, as long as it can be erected normally, the G-spot can be stimulated, but a large penis looks more attractive, nothing more.

Some misunderstandings about sex-02

3. Restricting sexual intercourse can make sexual desire sublimate

This is a Puritan and ascetic term. In ancient China, there was a theory that a drop of essence equals ten drops of blood. Modern science proves that the ability of sexual desire has never been converted into other energy in itself. On the contrary, having a good sex life is absolutely beneficial to family and body and mind.

4. Old age is the end of sex

Both men and women do not have to give up sex due to age. Proper sex is an exercise for the heart, blood pressure, lungs and brain, so it can delay aging and prolong life. The diversified auxiliary products in modern society can solve the problems of insufficient physical fitness for the elderly until they enjoy higher-end sexual pleasure and experience.

5. sex is intercourse

Sexual intercourse is the insertion of the penis into the vagina, but the sex life is much richer. The excitement of perfect sexual interest and love is greater than sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is only the most direct and common way. Advanced sexual enjoyment and orgasm are not necessarily produced when the penis is inserted into the vagina. Mixed orgasms such as sight, hearing and taste can be accomplished by masturbating yourself.

Some misunderstandings about sex-03

6.As long as you have sex, you must have an orgasm

Orgasm is a form of sexual satisfaction. A good sex life should be defined as the true sexual satisfaction of both parties as the standard. Reaching orgasm is not a necessary factor. If it is difficult to have an orgasm, it is better to stop experiencing pleasure in moderation and increase love. A full sex life is a comprehensive one, and it is not only necessary to produce a tactile orgasm.

7.Men need sex more than women, men’s libido is stronger than women

In fact, women's sexual desire is also very strong, even more than men. Everyone's sexual desire is different. The understanding of sexual partners and the ability to find each other's sexual desire points, the satisfaction of both parties is a harmonious sex life.

Some misunderstandings about sex-04

8. He should know what I like in bed

Women always think so, and this is where the sexual misunderstanding lies. Just like you don’t understand a man’s preferences, he doesn’t say it and you don’t express it. Guessing and groping have delayed the good time, and the inability to find the sensitive points you like immediately weakens the passion of both parties. Most men like their spouse to be more active in bed, and don't like passive acceptance like wood.