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Does masturbation count as sex?

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Do you want to have a satisfying sex life? In every lonely and cold night, don't forget that you still have cute sex toys!

And some friends can’t help but have this question: If it is considered sex for both men and women to perform piston exercises, does masturbation count as sex?

Believe that it is not just his doubts, most people also have doubts, so let's understand it together!

  1. Masturbation is a substitute and supplement for sex life

Some studies believe that there is an alternative relationship between masturbation and sex. In most cases, because you can’t have sex with your love partner (a secret love partner), in order to satisfy and release the aroused desire and impulse, imagine the target’s face, look at the familiar AV actress, and masturbate instead of making love...

In China, masturbation occurs more frequently among college students who have experienced dating and sex. Studies have shown that this is related to the low frequency, high cost, and low quality of college students' sexual life. Masturbation has been widely used and praised by college students as a method of relieving sexual impulse and venting sexual energy.



In addition, studies have found that male college students with a history of love are more likely to masturbate than male college students without a history of love, and that college students who are in love are more likely to masturbate than those who have been in love. (All these are urges triggered by hormones.)

There are also arguments for the alternative relationship between masturbation and sex life from the perspectives of social status and education level. For example: In the United States, masturbation is affected by socioeconomic status. Masturbation is more common among middle-class people who have gone to college; masturbation is relatively rare among lower-class people who have not gone to college.




Among women who have experienced self-stimulation, the higher their level of education, the more often they have orgasms. The reason for this difference is that the researchers believe that the first sex experience of women with a high level of education generally occurs later, so they use masturbation to satisfy their desires.

The pursuit of orgasm has made masturbation a supplement to sexual life and has also developed into a treatment method. Female orgasm deficiency (that is, no orgasm during sex) is the most common problem in clinical and counseling, and masturbation is an important means of treating female sexual dysfunction——

"After trying to get the exact experience of orgasm through self-stimulation of the clitoris, then combine this experience with the sexual activity of the spouse to treat orgasm disorder"



In the process of masturbation, women will release dopamine and oxytocin, so that women have positive emotions, help relieve depression, and last at least 24 hours. At the same time, it has the effect of improving sleep. Moderate masturbation will make you radiant.



2. The difference between masturbation and sex

Since it is said that masturbation and sex life are mutual substitutes and complements, is there no difference between them? no. Specifically, there are the following points:

(1) The number of people is different

Masturbation is often a "one-man show" by one person, while sex is a "carnival" for two people.

(2) Different concerns

Masturbation does not need to care about the feelings of the other half, you can do whatever you want, how you come, and you can use your beloved little toys to fly so high, and sex life needs to consider a lot of things, not only care about yourself, but also care about the feelings of the other party. Pay more attention to the communication between the two parties...

PS: There is no need to worry about unintended pregnancy when masturbating. No matter how contraception is used in sex, there is a risk of unintended pregnancy.



(3) Different steps

Sexual life requires three processes: foreplay, topic, and afterplay. You may have to experience different tricks in the middle. Masturbation saves a lot of trouble. When desire comes, you can be self-satisfied at any time.

(4) The time is different

Masturbation can usually be done in a few minutes or ten minutes, but if you want both parties to be satisfied in your sex life, this time is far from enough.

(5) Different costs

Masturbation saves money on buying condoms. At most, it is to buy a small toy, and the toy can be reused. It can be said that the price/performance ratio is quite high.

Sex life not only requires money to buy condoms, if it is to open a room, but also to pay for the room, and two people will have a dinner together, which is a lot of expenses.


(6) Different experiences

Compared with masturbation, sex life has many more wonderful things that you can't experience in single sports, such as sweet kisses, loving touches, blissful pleasure and emotional communication.

Compared to being alone in self-confidence, sex life can be more psychologically and physiologically satisfied, and it will not always have a feeling of emptiness in the heart after it is over.

Of course, this is not absolute. As mentioned earlier, masturbation is also a good way to vent their desires for some people who have difficulty getting pleasure in sex.


American sexology researcher Thomas Lakol did a survey: in the year before the survey, 21.9% of men and 4.8% of women still had masturbation behaviors among married or long-term cohabiting men and women. Compared to cheating, masturbation is more applicable.

After all, masturbation or sex is a way for human beings to satisfy their desires.

3. Some misunderstandings of masturbation

Of course, some people want to know whether masturbation will affect their future sex life, will they be unable to get an erection, cause gynecological diseases, and so on.

In fact, these are the negative effects of psychological effects, which are caused by the vicious circle formed by the fear of "masturbation hazards" and the subsequent transformation into physical symptoms.

To sum up, there are probably these misunderstandings about masturbation:

#Male: Does masturbation cause premature ejaculation?

According to the definition of premature ejaculation by the International Society of Sexual Medicine, ejaculation usually or always occurs within one minute of vaginal penetration (primary premature ejaculation), or the latency of ejaculation is significantly shortened, usually less than three minutes (following Premature ejaculation). It used to be able to last for half an hour, but now only a few minutes, those are not premature ejaculation.


Excessive ejaculation caused by masturbation may be due to frequent masturbation, the cerebral cortex is in a state of excitement for a long time, and the ejaculation threshold and glans sensitivity are reduced.


Many treatments for premature ejaculation, such as sexy concentration training and active stop training, are almost a transformation of masturbation. The correct method will not cause premature ejaculation. On the contrary, it can improve the symptoms of premature ejaculation and help control ejaculation.

#Female: Is masturbation prone to gynecological diseases?

Women generally use fingers and small toys to masturbate, but if the fingers and small toys are not adequately cleaned and disinfected, foreign pathogens will directly contact the genitals and cause genital problems.

If the fingers and utensils are carefully rinsed and disinfected beforehand, the little sisters who are still worried can also prepare "finger cots" for more peace of mind.

After masturbating, rinse the vulva in time to keep the genitals clean, which can also help protect the health of the genitals.

In fact, women's vagina and uterus have certain self-cleaning ability. Compared with the sex life of both men and women, masturbation is less likely to be infected with gynecological diseases.



#Is it more comfortable by hand than with small toys?


Suggestion: Use small toys to make it more comfortable and safer when masturbating.

If you can’t get started on your own, buy a cheap and easy-to-use toy, and then gradually advance after getting started.

It is often seen on the news that there are boys who have used improper tools to cause penile damage. The professional airplane cup can not only free your hands and ensure the safety during masturbation, but also feel more exciting pleasure.

If you are a novice, you can start with toys that stimulate the vagina and vulva, such as clitoral stimulation pens and massage sticks, then go to vibrating eggs and G-spot sticks, step by step.

Finally, remember to buy sex toys through formal channels and never buy products without any qualifications, otherwise embarrassing and painful things may happen to you.