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I learned to have an orgasm in every way

Viewed:1373 Date:2022-04-02

The scientific benefits of female orgasm have long been medically proven, including helping to relieve stress, relieve menstrual cramps or help get better sleep.


1. Reaching orgasm is not a natural ability, but an acquired training. The first time I used a toy, I felt the strongest orgasm. After this, I slowly trained myself to get better with different types of stimulation, including various types of toys such as vibrating toy , sucking toy , G spot toy, etc., each of which gave me a different orgasm experience.

In addition to different toys, I also tried different locations, through different materials of underwear, listening to different music, watching different small movies.

I will also explore other sensitive areas of the body, although not every experiment will be successful, but the experiment itself is part of the fun.

The purpose of my exploration is not just to make myself more high, but also to build my confidence in my ability to orgasm, like getting to know every aspect of a car and trying it out on a variety of road conditions and situations , I feel that this is the real control of the body's autonomy.


2. I created a happy space without shame

I've stopped self-judging any X fantasies and X likes (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone) since the very beginning.

In our society, sex is still a stigmatized and shameful thing, I can let go of these external labels and moral shackles, and I allow myself to like anything and to seek Be happy and allow yourself to embrace your truest desires.


3. Masturbation also helps me get more excited when I have sex with my partner

 When I understand my body's sensitivities and ways to make my body happier, I naturally tell each other when I roll the sheets, which not only makes communication more effective in bed, but also boosts my partner's confidence in myself and helps each other behave better too .

Many people think that frequent masturbation will stop them being interested in rolling, and their partner will be left out, but in fact they are not. The two feelings are not the same. Just like dancing alone and dancing with two people, the latter can Bringing the intimacy of skin-to-skin contact, it's about a shared connection and shared joy for two people.


I've made masturbation a part of my daily routine because it helps me feel the power of sensuality and a deeper connection with my partner. If you want to be like me, start tonight.

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