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How did the ancients use contraception?

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In modern society

Condoms are now everywhere

Ultra-thin, granular, spike sleeves

There are all kinds of strange things

But how did the ancients use contraception?

1. Ancient China

Ancient China.jpg

TV series

The effect of the special decoction is immediate

A bowl of brown saffron, musk

The concubine immediately aborted due to

severe pain in the lower abdomen

How did the ancients use contraception.gif

The effect in the film and television drama is amazing

But in real life

Saffron and musk are just not recommended for pregnancy

Far from achieving the effect of contraception

The ancient brothel is more dangerous and rude

To prevent pregnancy

The old bustard will put a small amount of mercury in the tea

Mercury is also highly toxic

Even if it can be contraceptive

A little carelessness can be fatal

Ancient condom.png

This has to mention another item in ancient times

Great invention

Animal film, fish bladder

The movie "Martial Arts" directed by Chen Kexin

In the play, the heroine washes the fish maw in the bathtub

The male lead said: "Don't bother, you know I don't like fishy smell"

The hostess worriedly asked: "What if there are more children?"

2.European and American countries

Condoms in ancient west.jpg

West in the 17th century

The real condom was born

Joseph Condom

Choose to use lamb's cecum

Use fat and wheat bran to make it soft

The thinness can reach 0.038mm

King Charles II

He was also called a knight because of this invention

And keep the condom in the book

For the first time to let Chinese people know about condoms

It’s a wanderer in the Capital University Hall: Zhang Deyi

China's first condom.jpg

When he traveled in Europe in 1870

Found a condom in a brothel

(This discovery process is a bit strange)

This "kidney coat" is made of rubber

Comfort and safety

Already close to modern condoms

Modern condoms.jpg

But for the sake of obscurity

The British call it "French Letters"

The French call it "British clothes"

China is even more obscure

"Wishful Bag", "Merry Bag", etc.

Over the past 100 years

The sex world is basically monopolized by developed countries

Okamoto 003, Durex, etc.

Once became a representative

But as the world situation changes

Chinese interest has gradually risen and led the world

Chinese condoms such as elephants and celebrities

Has caught up in technology and user experience

Condom brand.jpg

In terms of sex toys

Made in China is going abroad

Rose series in European and American countries

There has been a burst of rose interest

S-HANDE new product S-361

The new appearance is designed for European and American people

Using Sonic vibration transmission technology

The shock is at the moment of touching the skin

Can spread evenly

rose sex toy.gif

Red lips rose to release passionate love

The contact between the petals and the stamens makes the tide flood freely

Honey beans keep lingering between the lips

Enough to wake up more than 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris

Numb current pleasure

Make you out of control to the point of shaking

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