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Distributing "condoms" but "anti-sex", the cardboard bed of the Tokyo Olympics sparked heated discussion

Viewed:1430 Date:2021-07-23

The bed is made of cardboard. Is this to prohibit "love action movies" from being staged? The athletes are at the peak of their bodies. After the fierce competition is over, they need to release their energy, party after party, and intimate sexual acts of mutual affection are commonplace in the Olympic Village...

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Some athletes shared photos of this "cardboard bed" on social media. The organizing committee said that almost all the Olympic beds are made of renewable materials, this is the first time.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Olympic organizers were worried about the spread of the virus and hoped to prevent close contact as much as possible. This special bed inevitably makes people dream about the purpose behind it.

American long-distance runner Paul Chelimo speculated on social media that these beds can only support the weight of one person, "in order to avoid the performance of romantic action movies among athletes." Soon, these beds were labeled "anti-sex" on social media.

Former Olympic German long jumper Sussen Titeke thinks the organizing committee's arrangement is ridiculous, and there is no way to prevent athletes from doing things under the stimulation of alcohol.

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In an interview with Bild, she said: “Such measures do not work at all. Intimacy of mutual affection is common in all previous Olympic villages.”

"Athletes are at the peak of their physical conditions during the Olympic Games, and when the competition comes to an end, athletes need to release their energy. The parties are one after another. This is the tradition of the Olympic Games. At this time it worked. People began to have intimate behaviors between the sexes. Many athletes enjoyed it."

But Irish gymnast Reese Rhys called this statement "fake news." A video he posted: jumping on the bed, the bed is still intact, to prove that the bed can withstand strenuous activities. The official Olympic account reposted his video and added: "Thank you for clarifying the false rumors."

Soon there were different voices saying: Reese is a gymnast with a relatively short stature. He can jump on the bed, which does not mean that other body-shaped athletes can exercise "freely and vigorously" on the bed.

The organizing committee stated that the use of cardboard beds was decided before the beginning of the epidemic, and there was no consideration of restricting athletes' activities.

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This kind of cardboard bed can be adapted to athletes of all body types and can withstand a weight of up to 440 pounds (about 200 kg), which is sufficient for even the heaviest Olympians.

But I still hope that athletes stay alone as much as possible when they are in Tokyo and avoid contact with each other. A safety measures manual advises Olympians to "try not to hug, high-five and shake hands."

In order to further restrict carnival activities, alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the Olympic Village.

Since the Seoul Olympics in 1988, the Olympics have been distributing condoms, and it is advocating that safety measures must be taken for sexual behavior. However, the condoms distributed at the Olympics this year are only one third of the 450,000 condoms distributed in the 2016 Olympics. Olympic officials expressed the hope that these condoms will only be used as souvenirs for athletes to use after returning to their home countries.

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