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How many women have been cured by sex vibrators for hundreds of years

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For women nowadays, sex toys have long been commonplace. There are various solutions to satisfy their physical needs and make the body and soul cheer up.

However, women in the past did not have this luxury. At that time, the status of men and women was unequal, and people's knowledge of the human body was very limited. As a result, many women were often depressed, anxious, and nervous because they did not receive the physical care they deserve.

Thus, the great vibrator conformed to the times and shouldered the responsibility of healing the bodies of thousands of women, and was born. So, when was the world's first massage stick invented?


According to legend, the sexy Cleopatra was the inventor of the ancient massage stick. She hollowed out a gourd and filled it with angry bees. The bees fight in the gourd, and the vibration of the wings and body makes the gourd also vibrate. This is the oldest massage stick.

3Gourd vibrator.jpg

200 BC

Doctor Galen massages private parts

The method of Cleopatra obviously did not spread to the ancient Pajama country. In 200 BC, faced with the thorny issue of female emotional disorders. The country’s physician, Galen, prescribed hysteria (a woman that the country believes exhibits intermittent emotional loss of control) to massage women’s private parts.

In his opinion, emotional disorders are caused by the uterus being too active. And orgasm is the best tranquilizer.

4Doctor Galen massages private parts.jpg

16th century

Relieve pain with orgasm

More than 1,000 years later, in the 16th century, Petrus Forestus and other doctors continued to follow the example of the labor model Galen, using essential oils to massage the patients' vulva until they reached a kind of "hysterical pain relief." Later, people found that such complicated and slurred words meant climax.

5Relieve pain with orgasm.jpg

For some female patients, the orgasm comes quickly, while for others it is very slow. When encountering such patients, the doctor will be more difficult.

In addition, most of the patients at the time were ladies who came to treat hysteria. After a day, the doctors got tired with sore waist and leg pain, which required very high physical strength. At the beginning, the doctors were very enthusiastic, and it didn't take long for them to feel tired.


In 1869

Private massage chair invention

In 1869, doctor George Taylor finally invented the first more formal massage chair for female private parts.

There is a hole in the middle of the table. Inside the hole is a small ball that can be controlled by pedals. This massager is still driven by steam!

7Private massage chair invention.jpg


The birth of the electric massage stick

Soon, thanks to the development of electricity, the British doctor Joseph Mortimer Granville made persistent efforts and invented the first electric vibrator. But it is so big that it can only lie in the hospital obediently.

8The birth of the electric massage stick.jpg

The movie "Hysterical" set in Victorian England was based on him. A very inspirational love comedy that tells the true story of the vibrating massager in the early days of its birth (interested students leave a message to tell me, and I can give you a detailed introduction to this movie in the next issue).



Male massager

In fact, the male compatriots of that era also said that they were very hard pressed.

When female patients entered and exited the clinic week after week and massaged to High, men who had excessive masturbation tendencies and often had "unhealthy" secretions at night were diagnosed as "slippery semen", and the hospital had to use a torture-like device Tie them to their hands and feet, force them to restrain them, and return them to a "normal state."

11Male massager.jpg

Fortunately, with many indescribable minor ailments, vibrator massage therapy began to be used for treatment, and the results were very good. Slowly, men also enjoyed vibratory massage.

The legendary naturalist John Muir applied for a patent for his men's massager in 1899.

12Applied for a patent for men's massager.jpg


The first home massage stick

In the 20th century, massagers came out of the hospital. Hamilton Beach applied for a patent for the first household massage stick in 1902. Since then, the massage stick has become a household appliance in ordinary households.

13The first home massage stick.jpg

14The first home massage stick.jpg


The first wireless massage stick

The vibrator has developed rapidly in this era. Between 1900 and 1940 alone, dozens of new designs were patented. By 1917, the number of massage sticks in American households even surpassed toasters.

Because the power was often cut off at night, in 1968, the vibrator that worked on batteries finally came out. The first batch of products sold out within three days.

15The first wireless massage stick.jpg

In order to avoid embarrassment when buying in public places, many housewives buy massage sticks through mail order. There are also massage sticks specially named by the merchants as nail massagers (is there really such a thing...), vibrating brushes, back tickling massage sticks, etc., and they are even packaged and sold as accessories for vacuum cleaners.


The first female sex shop

In 1973, BETTY DODSON began to organize women's masturbation groups to improve their sexual awareness. She personally demonstrated how to use the "Hitachi magic wand", she said that this magic wand can bring dreamy clitoral orgasm to women.

16BETTY DODSON started to organize women's masturbation groups.jpg

The book "Sex for One" written by Betty has been translated into eight languages. Some people say that she is a radical feminist, but because of her, women 50 years ago enjoyed an independent, relaxed, and wonderful orgasm experience.

17Sex for One by Betty.jpg

So don't underestimate a massage stick, it cures the doctor's collective hand cramps, but also heals the society's long-term confinement to sex.

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