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If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan.

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If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan-01

From the images of the second dimension to the within reach of the experience, to the sense space that can affect the senses, Japan may be the most dazzling sensory kingdom in the world.

Market and demand are the prerequisites for the prosperous development of the sex industry. At this point, Tokyo, the capital of Japan, can be said to be a concentration of sex toy stores.

In the otaku paradise Akihabara area, there are the world's most abundant sex shops. They not only satisfy everyone's selfish desires, but also add fun to bedroom life, and sometimes they are even an excellent window to explore the depths of human desires.

If you walk around Akihabara casually, you may unknowingly walk into a sex shop. These sex shops are bigger than the others, with various store names: "Adult's convenience store", "Love and Thanks", and "Pop Life Company" "...The decoration of individual shops is too delicate and harmless, and parents often mistakenly think that it is an animation shop with their children breaking in.

According to data published by some businesses, these large sex shops have as many as 12,000 types of goods. In order to try to make consumers not as shy when they enter the store, the store has spent a lot of attention on the placement and display of the goods. The place where the photo was taken was specially installed with crystal chandeliers and luxurious black-and-white high-end shelves, and there was no trace of a sex shop at all.

If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan-02

In fact, sex shops are also responsible for the revitalization of Japan’s tourism industry. Some sex toy shops specialize in selling products that are related to sex but not related to pornography, such as the famous Japanese attractions pendants with the theme of bundles. The following "Bundled "The Golden Pavilion Temple" makes you admire the fun products and also have a sense of humor.

If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan-03

Many tourists are familiar with Love Merci. Girls cannot enter the upper floors of the shop. This shop called a semi-character museum attracts many tourists. A netizen said that the store "expanded people's imagination of sex and interpersonal relationships", and all the imaginable products are here. 

Some artificial trial products in the store were touched by consumers too many times, and there was a black stain on the surface. In desperation, the store could only cover these items with a touch of a real person with a white cloth, and declined visitors and Consumer touch.

If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan-04

In addition, in the izakaya next to some sex shops, there will be popular adult movie actresses from time to time. You can see it as a human version of a maid cafe, so I won’t repeat it here.

In awakening human sexual consciousness, Japan’s Love Hotel has contributed a lot.

As early as the Edo period, Japan had one of the earliest love hotels in the world, called "Irishaya" or "Kawashou". These names look very literary, but in fact they are "places for making love" exclusively for couples or prostitutes.

On the eve of the Second World War, a kind of residence called "Yen Su" began to become popular throughout the country, and the "hour room" system was introduced for the first time in the world, compared with the mandatory overnight stay. For ordinary hotels, the charging method of 2 yen for overnight stays and 1 yen for rest also attracted the attention of the media at the time, and young people who chose to rent and have no fixed accommodation began to choose these places for fun.

After the war, Tokyo's economy gradually began to show a state of recovery. A large number of laborers poured into Tokyo, which not only brought economic growth, but also promoted the development of Japan's love hotel industry.

In order to make as much profit as possible, many hotels have also introduced the concept of hourly rooms, using this business with a high turnover rate to make a lot of money during this period.

If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan-05

Because of making money too much, the minds of the hotel owners have gradually become more active. In 1965, Yameiyi, known as the "Disney of the Adult World", began to design love hotels, and the number of love hotel rooms he produced exceeded 1638. In the meantime, it was hailed as the "father of love hotels" by many media.

Yamei Yixin is not as wretched as many people think. His office layout is very simple and elegant, and the red and white plaid shirt he likes to wear makes him look like a humble old man around him during a spring picnic.

In an interview with the media, Yamei Yixin stated that the opportunity to design a love hotel was because someone bought a piece of land and wanted to develop a hotel. He was asked to help design it, but he didn't want to design something mediocre. He observed that most of the hourly rooms or short-term rental hotels suitable for couples are equipped with an empty room and a Japanese-style low table. There is basically no customer experience. So he tried to combine more modern hotel design concepts with these room types are combined to create the concepts of "Sex Hotel" and "Love Hotel".

If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan-06

For the average person, the most basic thing in life is "clothing, food, shelter, transportation", while Yamei Yixin believes that "sex" also needs a name. He once publicly stated: "Sex is a very important thing and the most beautiful thing." The most important thing is what is necessary and can’t be taken lightly. I think the best designed sex room is to let the guests not want to sleep all night and only focus on sex. So, at the beginning, I wanted to create an image a dreamy place like Disney, or a theme park for adults".

If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan-07

In 1970, the Osaka World Expo was successfully held, and many countries began to travel to Japan. Following this wave, Yameiyi’s newly designed "basic" love hotel has received a lot of attention. For foreigners, this is a hotel room type that has never been experienced before, but for Japanese people, especially for For lovers, the space of an ordinary family is too narrow, and the living room is covered with bedding as the bedroom. The privacy is very poor and it is impossible to enjoy the time of lovers alone. This kind of love hotel with a little taste and not too expensive is slowly changing It became the "second home" in Yamei Yixin's words.

Yamei Yixin saw this trend and began to try to incorporate more design elements into it.

In order to attract the attention of magazine editors, he believes that more topics must be added from the design level to successfully "hype" these hotels. Around 1983, he designed a hotel that looked like a cruise ship, which received a lot of praise. After the opening of Tokyo Disneyland in 1983, he put the concept of "theme park" into the hotel, and made a modern "theme park" that is still popular. Themed room type"-London nights, Las Vegas fascination, study rooms, tennis courts, beer and tobacco brand factories, even his favorite baseball team Hanshin Tigers did not escape the creativity of Yamei Yixin.

If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan-08

At the same time, Yameiyixin began to pay more attention to the subtle changes in the central state of the guests during the enjoyment process. For example, he once incorporated people with political scandals into the hotel theme, and placed huge photos or portraits of the characters in the room. He hopes to bring some guilt to the residents. He has also tried to put

 Playboy's symbol rabbit into the room, so that customers can notice the phenomenon of the rabbit falling from the body during intense sex, so as to feel the beauty of speed and passion.

If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan-09

If you are relatively casual when booking a hotel before traveling to Japan, you may accidentally book a "Love Hotel" because there are too many such hotels in Japan. But unlike the stereotypes of love hotels and sex toys in other places, this kind of hotel is also an ordinary resting place in the hearts of Japanese people, and there is not much difference-perhaps one of the biggest problems for many people living in is just It is to overcome the shame.

As mentioned earlier, the staff of Japanese love hotels seldom appear in the customer's field of vision. Check-in can be done through the intelligent system. Some hotels can directly throw money to the service desk through channels. In addition, the room also provides instant and free movies for guests to choose and enjoy. Using the automatic vending machine provided by the hotel, you can also temporarily find contraceptives and cosplay costumes, which is extremely intimate.

If you want to understand the sex industry, look at Japan-10

In addition to the aforementioned themes, the room types also have realistic scenes such as inpatient departments, narrow warehouses and even construction sites. If you prefer sports and entertainment elements, a hotel called HOTEL Charlemagne also offers themed rooms such as a golf course, a carousel, a mirror room and a swimming pool. In other words, no matter what scene you have ever imagined to have a relationship with, you will A suitable environment can be found.

But one problem is that these love hotels too satisfy male sexual fantasies. Japanese female writer Natsuno Tongye wrote an article to express her concern. She believes that these hotels and sex toys focus on the venting of male desires. From a place where people pursue intimacy, they have become a vulgar space that devalues sex and love: "If you treat these Love hotels have a deeper understanding, and your smiling face may slowly disappear."