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S-HANDE | The 2021 Shanghai International Adult Exhibition ended successfully

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👉The 2021 Shanghai International Adult Exhibition ended successfully👈

This three-day

Shanghai International Sex Toys Exhibition

S-Hande brings more than 50 new products in the fun industry

Recognized by many franchisees around the world

Thank you all for your love.

Exhibition Scene



S-HANDE Love Kingdom-Shwroom Scene

There is no shortage of this exhibition

Many internationally renowned brands

But as the fastest growing sex brand in recent years


Still relying on the sprung up speed of new products

Attracted crowds of people

There are six special areas in this exhibition

Show the latest color matching technology

Colorful series area

Trendy Rose Series Zone in Europe and America

Men's Health Zone



New product introduction
Rose Series

The new appearance is designed for European and American people

Using Sonic vibration transmission technology

The shock sensation spreads evenly at the moment of touching your skin

Give you a trickle of pleasure, the feeling of flowing through your body

sex vibrator in women.jpg

Colorful Series

Thanks to a novel R&D process

We have brought a colorful new color scheme

Just to give you a more free and rich customized experience


Amazing Toy

Amazing toy for urban mature women

Oriented to fashion and luxury

Strive to bring consumers

It is an amazing day of surprise experience


Thank you for joining us in this great event

Thank you for overcoming all the inconveniences 

During the epidemic to be with us


Growth and development along the way

Cannot do without your support and trust


Thank you for choosing and staying with us

Because of your support

We will be more and more courageous!