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SHANDE丨50 couples sex game

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Poker time

sex hande.jpg

The poker have 4 kind.

diamond = kiss

Spade = Mouth

Heart = foot

club = hand

KQJ can represent three parts.


Digital Card is Duration.

The joker can do anything.

Then you can have fun.~

(It's shy and funny)


Of course,

you can also Create your own unique play

sex toy.png

Advanced Version Sharing:

Couple can writes it down in the poker.

Something you secretly want to do.

And then pull out a piece for discussion.

“In the car?”

“In the toilet at the mall?”

It doesn't have to be.

Follow your heart.~

Time out

sex hande7.gif

Get ready for a switch

It could be an alarm clock/cup/watch

Or at least look alike?

And then you can start anytime.

turn on the switch

He's not allowed to move.~

(You can always start and you can always pause.)

省略号 (5)_看图王.png

This is the time to tempt him.

“Do a striptease.”

“Lick him all over with your tongue”

“Vibrator Play”

He can't move no matter how much you plays.

If move,he  will be punished.~

sex hande6.gif

There's a similar game.

⭐“Crime scene”⭐

very exciting and violent.

One acting police

One plays dead

The police drew a white line around the body.

And take pictures to get evidence.

The last thing is an autopsy...ohohoh

sex hande5.jpg

Master time

sex hande4.gif

The game is simple.

But it's very exciting.

Everyone has five minutes

is master time.

If you were the host.

He must obey all your orders.

If the time is up and you have to stop.

And exchange roles.

省略号 (5)_看图王.png

After three or four cycles

will More and more exciting.

How exciting it is depends on you.~

sex hande3.jpg

类Another similar game.

⭐“Mirroring Game”⭐

Set a time interval.

Do whatever the other person does.

It's both exciting and scary.

Exhilarating and shameful.


These games,

It's better with a uniform.


This game will continue to be updated