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How do men take care of their penis?

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How do men take care of their penis? In addition to maintaining adequate exercise 

in order to strengthen the lower limbs and increase testosterone, men who 

want to improve their sexual well-being need to pay attention 

to the following maintenance tips in their daily life:

  1.Sufficient sleep  

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*Sleep is the most cost-effective maintenance

Although under normal circumstances, the penis can be erected more than 30 times a day,

 but in the process of deep sleep, the body's erectile response at night will be more

 intense and will perfuse a large amount of blood flow.The purpose 

of this is to ensure the supply of oxygen and nutrients 

to the penis, and to maintain erectile function.

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*Can be understood as charging the penis

In other words, adequate sleep is like charging. If you often stay up late, the number 

of erections at night will be greatly reduced or even not, and the penis will 

not be able to charge for a long time, just like the phone is always 

in a low batteryCan this battery last?(Long low battery 

will seriously affect the battery life of the phone)

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According to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology: frequent lack of sleep 

not only will it lower your libido and cause erectile difficulties, 

but it will also reduce the number of sperm and so on.

  2.Clean frequently  

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*Male penis is easy to nourish bacteria

Compared with the female vagina, the male penis does not have the ability to "self-clean".

 Not paying attention to hygiene if the dirt is not cleaned up in time, 

the penis is prone to inflammation and infection.

(Especially men with too long foreskin)

  3.Refusal of alcohol and tobacco  

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People say that "Coke kills sperm". In fact, compared to Coke, alcohol and tobacco 

are the things that penis dislike the most. Nicotine and alcohol affect 

smooth muscle by stimulating the nerve center...In short,

 they have an irreversible effect on the penis.