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Being whipped like this makes you more happy

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Master the fun skill of spanking

  It can greatly enhance

the experience

of both parties!

Being whipped like this makes you more happy-01

Under the same force hands can cause many different feelings

5 fingers close together and straight and lay flat

This slap will be very intensely concentrated in a range

5 fingers close together and bend into a cup shape

The palm cant touch the skin, it feels softer

You can also use appropriate adult sex toys.Being whipped like this makes you more happy-02

Being whipped like this makes you more happy-03

Spanking should not be done too fast. Slowly increasing the strength of the blow

will promote the excitement of the partner to secrete more endorphins,

which will gradually reduce the pain and increase the pleasure.

S-HANDE male and female sex toys manufacturers recommend

that you first rub and pat as a warm-up, so that the compliant

will be physically and emotionally prepared,

and she will feel happier!

Being whipped like this makes you more happy-04

Under continuous blows, the partner's body will become numb.

At this time, there must be intervals between the blows.

After a slap is applied, the pain will dissipate in 10-20s.

At this time, you can use some other sex toys

for men and women appease.

At this time, do not continue

to beat vigorously,

so that your partner

has time to feel

the shame and pain.

Being whipped like this makes you more happy-05

▲ Kneeling

In terms of posture alone, the kneeling posture

 is the least painful of the whipping posture.

However, this position will force your

thighs apart,open your pussy,

and maximize your shame.


▲ OTK style

The OTK pose is the most intimate position for a partner, but

the zero-distance intimate experience will also prevent

you from alleviating the pain through twisting.

The pain is much heavier than the kneeling pose.


▲ Leaning over

The leaning posture is the most painful of the conventional postures.

 The key point is that the face is as close to the knee as possible,

and the partner leans over and grabs the ankle.

 At this time, playing with the butt joint clip

will make people excited and scared~

Being whipped like this makes you more happy-06

▲ Diaper

The diaper pose will make people tense and tighten their ass.

You can only watch your partner swinging a weapon

and hitting your own pussy.

It is the most shameful

of all the postures~