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8 Best Anal Toys of S-HANDE 2022

Viewed:393 Date:2023-03-16

Anal toys typically include a variety of products designed for anal stimulation, such as anal plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, and anal dildos. Those toys can be used for solo or partner play to enhance sexual experiences. 

SHD-S375 Rosa


S375 Rosa comes from S-HANDE rose series and has the unique design of a rose at the base of the plugs. The anal plug set comes in 3 different sizes. For sphincter stretch training, you can start with the smallest and work your way up to the biggest. This plug is weighted, so you feel a nice heaviness when it is inside. Some of you might love the weighted feeling because it adds pressure and brings the fullness--in such a good way.

Main material Medical silicone + steel ball

Color Black Rose Red

Weight 204.5±25g


small: 70mm*30mm*30mm


Large: 94mm*40mm*40mm"

SHD-S341-2 Raptor-RCT


The prostate massager Raptar is popular on the market partly because its special design. There is a cock ring attached to the toy that perfectly holds the penis. The massager comes with 9 different vibration modes, and each mode has 2 different strength levels, so there could be 2*9 ways to get excited. The vibration could be strong that it also stimulates other areas such as the penis, testicles, and perineum, not just the prostate gland. The best part of the toy is that it’s totally wearable, so you can wear it outside and enjoy it while nobody notices.



Main material Medical grade silicone + ABS

Color Black

Vibration frequency 2*9 vibration patterns + wireless remote control

Weight 134.4g

Size "158mm*128mm*53mm

Remote control: 70mm*35mm*15mm"

Battery capacity Li-ion 3.7V/240mAh

Charging time 60 minutes

Working time 45-95 minutes

Charging mode USB charging

Maximum noise <40 db

Waterproof performance IPX7



This is a great anal plug training kit for beginners, especially those who have trouble relaxing the sphincter, so you can better prepare for anal sex. You could use them as regular anal plugs or put the vibrating bullet in to feel more. This kit comes with a remote control for the bullet vibrator, so you can hand over the remote to your partner and play with it. The battery would last a really long time, and the button has a long press, which is nice because it helps prevent accidental turn-offs and pattern changes.


Main material Medical silicone + bullet
Color Black
Vibration frequency 9 vibration patterns
Weight 297.4g
Remote control 62mm*37mm*19mm
Bullet 69mm*19mm*19mm"
Battery capacity Bullet Li-ion 3.7V/140mAh
Remote control button 3.0V/210mAh"
Charging time 2 hours
Working time 30min-1h10min
Charging mode Magnetic suction USB charging
Maximum noise <40 db



LANDYS could be one of the best prostate massagers you could find on the market. This anal toy has a finger-like design that can simulate the touch of a finger and spot the pleasure point, like the prostate. Besides, LANDYS is suited for both men's and women's masturbation, with different sex positions, and you can even use it with your partner to have the best sensation.


Main material Medical grade silicone + ABS + electroplated parts

Color Black

Battery capacity Li-ion 3.7V/420mAh/210mAh

Weight 154g


Massager 140mm*100mm*35mm

Remote control 62mm*37mm"

Vibration mode 2*9 frequency + 9 snap modes

Charging time 1.5h

Working time 1-1.5h

Charging mode USB charging

Maximum noise <40 db

Waterproof performance IPX6

SHD-S234-2 Demon-RCT


Demon is not just a usual prostate massager, and there is an additional vibrating ring on it that gently holds the male testicles. It has the function of multi-point massage, which provides a nice massage to the testicular, perineal, and prostate, so you can enjoy a triple stimulation pleasure simultaneously. Plus, the toy is covered with soft medical-grade silicone and is totally bendable, which makes it much easier to adjust to your body. This one also comes with a remote and can be used up to 33ft.


Main material Medical grade silicone + ABS

Color Black

Vibration frequency 2*9 vibration mode

Weight 99.3g


Vibrator 125mm*87mm*37mm

Remote control 62mm*37mm*19mm"

Battery capacity Li-ion 3.7V/400mAh

Charging time 1.5 hours

Working time 1-1.5 hours

Charging mode USB charging

Maximum noise <40 db

Waterproof performance IPX6

SHD-S362-2 Austin-RCT


If you are one of the people who like the sensation of beads popping out of the anus one by one then you should try the Austin anal beads. This one is different because it has a vibrating function and a remote control, which is not commonly seen among anal beads. Also, it has an internal keel design; you can bend it or twist it, which makes it perfectly fit for any sex position.

Main material Medical grade silicone + ABS + electroplated parts

Color Black

Vibration frequency 1*9 vibration mode + wireless remote control

Weight 127.1g



Remote control 70mm*35mm*15mm"

Battery capacity Li-ion 3.7V/140mAh

Charging time 30 minutes

Working time 35-65min

Charging mode USB charging



It is too hard to find an anal toy like LANGER, and you can always seek a new way of playing with it. There are two rings on this prostate massager, so the ring could be used for the penis, as a cock ring, or for the testicles, as a ball loop, or you simply can put them both on at the same time. The vibrating part has a finger-like design, and it stimulates the prostate, anus, and perineum. What’s more, LANGER is not only for men, it is also suited for women's masturbation and couple sex, with more ways waiting for you to explore.


Main material Medical grade silicone + ABS

Color Black+White

Battery capacity Li-ion 3.7V/420mAh

Weight 101g

Size 132mm*25mm

Vibration mode 9 vibration modes

Charging time 1.5h

Working time 1-2h

Charging mode USB charging

Maximum noise <40 db

Waterproof performance IPX6



LOVEARROW has the shape of a screw thread, and the curves certainly bring more sensation to the anal sex. The plug has a wide base, so you dont need to worry that it is fully inserted that can not be removed. The rechargeable bullet vibrator is removable and quiet with 9 vibration modes, and the sound is less than 40 decibels while used.


Main material Medical grade silicone

Color Black

Vibration frequency 1*9 vibration mode

Weight 70g


Silicone: 100mm*68mm*31mm

Bullet head: 69mm*19mm*19mm"

Battery capacity 9 vibration modes

Charging time 1.5 hours

Working time 0.5-1 hour

Charging mode Magnetic suction USB charging

Maximum noise <40 db

Waterproof performance IPX6