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A middle-aged man works in a different place and buys 6 simulation dolls as his companions, his wife and children understand and support

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In recent years, more and more people are buying "simulation dolls". For them, "dolls" are no longer a prop, but a "soul mate".

A 66-year-old middle-aged man in Japan, Nakajima, has 6 "simulation dolls". He eats, sleeps, and bathes with these dolls every day, and even thinks that the existence of these dolls is as important as his family.

1Nakajima bathes with doll Saori.jpg

Nakajima’s wife and children did not feel angry when they knew about this, but expressed their understanding tolerantly and supported Nakajima’s hobby.

Nakajima’s wife, Yayoi, said, “I know he is always lonely when he works alone. It’s nice to have these dolls to accompany him instead of us, so that he is not so lonely, and it’s nice.”

2Nakajima’s wife, Yayoi.jpg4Music is also a big hobby of Nakajima.jpg

The 66-year-old Mr. Nakajima and his wife Yayoi have been married for many years and they have a pair of children.

Nakajima said that he had been sent to Tokyo from Long Island to work, renting an apartment for a long time, living alone, and felt very lonely.

10 years ago, he would purchase the first sex doll "Saori" in his life due to fate, thus starting his journey of collecting sex dolls.

Nakajima frankly stated that, like other single men, he initially regarded sex dolls as pure erotic objects.

5Nakajima confessed Like other single men.jpg

But one day, he carefully looked at "Saori"'s skin, eyes, hair, and her charming smile, and suddenly felt the unprecedented "warmth", as if the doll has spirituality, and since then completely fell in love with the "doll", and then he again Collected 5 one after another.

Nakajima said that the six sex dolls have their own names. He will help them change clothes every day, go shopping together, and even take a bath, sleep, eat, and so on. He confessed that he would also have intimate behaviors with sex dolls.

6After get off work, he will take a doll to the izakaya to relax.jpg

7Sing in an izakaya.jpg

Nakajima said that the six dolls are an inseparable part of his life, and their status is even as important as that of their family.

Nakajima said that he would not deliberately hide the existence of sex dolls, and sometimes bring the dolls to the company, but the company could not accept and fired him, and he also changed many jobs for this.

8Nakajima and Dolls travel together in autumn.jpeg

In addition, when he was shopping with a doll, some people would think it was cute and wanted to take pictures together, and some would ask him strange questions, such as: "Are you doing sex therapy on the street?"

Nakajima said frankly that he was unemployed for a while and had a hard life, but he did not regret it until last year when he opened a sex doll shop with a foreign manufacturer, he had a job he loved.

9Doll photo taken by Nakajima.jpeg

So he recognizes more likes and feels that life is more exciting. In the future, he hopes that AI can be installed on the doll, so that the doll can accompany the elderly living alone in the nursing field to speak.

10brought three dolls on this autumn tour.jpeg

11Take the doll and go for a walk on the beach.jpg

12Taking pictures of Saori is one of Nakajima's hobbies.jpg

13It's like traveling with family.jpg

14Seeing the photos you are satisfied with will give you a sense of accomplishment.jpg

15Walking along the beach with dolls in winter.jpg

16When other guests in the restaurant see Nakajima dolls, they will inevitably cast strange eyes.jpg