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2021 young men and women sexual health report

Viewed:796 Date:2021-06-30

2021 young men and women sexual health report-01

The report shows that nearly 60% of young men and women in the workplace said that pressure at work would seriously affect their "sexual interest", and 40.7% said they did not have sex.

The proportion of people who have sex every 3-7 days is the highest and the proportion reaches 22.7%. High pressure leads to no mood and lack of sexual interest under overloaded work. Contemporary young men and women have turned into "low-frequency sex life youth", and the topic of whether "low-frequency sex life" should be included in the category of "work-related injuries" has once again been heatedly discussed.

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The data in the report also shows that the willingness to have sex still depends on economic strength: the lack of time and money makes young men and women less willing to have sex, and the rich and idle generations born in the 1980s have the strongest desire for sex. The report shows that sex consumption has grown for three consecutive years, and more young people are trying to improve the quality of sex life through sex toys.

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Condoms, men's delay products, and airplane cups have become the most popular sex toys. At the same time, the survey found that the higher the income, the higher the proportion of buying sex toys. As the saying goes, "When you are still struggling for food and clothing, where can you take the time to think about love?"