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Men's sexual psychology

Viewed:813 Date:2021-06-24

1.Like watching women.

Men holding women on the street will glance at the moment they pass by the beautiful opposite sex. This is not masculine lust, but subconsciously "multi-sightedness."


2. Like to see women's nudes.

The private parts that women hide for a long time are irritating to men's psychology. Scientifically speaking, it is determined by a function of the personal inherent pornography and the difficulty of contact with the opposite sex.


3. Like to touch women.

Men are born with a strong desire to contact the opposite sex. The sensibility of being called a man is the desire to contact women, show the intimacy of both parties, and be confirmed in the heart.


4. Like to talk about pornographic topics.

The topic that likes to talk about pornography is not inferior taste, nor is it indecent, but the normal sexual psychology of men.


5.Like to listen to women's past. 

A man is born with a desire for exclusivity. When there is a possibility of exclusivity at the moment, he hopes that his woman will be unique and exclusive from now to the future. Sometimes in the process of sex, men also have situational fantasy guidance, placing themselves in an important role to achieve the purpose of increasing sexual desire.