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"No. 1 in the world" with a pornographic connotation

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The longest penis in the world,

The man who masturbates the longest,

Largest natural boobs.


These strange cold knowledge

How much do you know?

No. 1 in the world with a pornographic connotation-01

*The longest penis in the world: sperm whale penis

In terms of mammals,the largest sperm whale has a penis

of 170cm long,It may be taller than some boys.

The smallest Asian mouse penis is only 2mm,

You need to use a magnifying glass to see it.

No. 1 in the world with a pornographic connotation-02

The longest human penis comes from Jonah in the United States

His penis is 24cm long when it is not erect,48cm at full

Erection.According to this, it was also judged that

 the disabled enjoy the allowance.

No. 1 in the world with a pornographic connotation-03

The San Francisco Sexual Culture Center in 2008,

Japanese Masanobu Sato takes 9 hours and

33 minutes masturbation not to shoot set

a world record.And just a year later,

he once again spent 9 hours and 58

minutes broke his own world record.

No. 1 in the world with a pornographic connotation-04

The world's largest natural breast comes from the old sister Annie from

the United States. It weighs 77 pounds and has a cup of 102 ZZZ!

Because of her huge breasts, she was discriminated against

since she was a child, but in the end she chose to face

her true self and made more than 250 small

pornographic films, finding her value

from the happiness of fans.