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This H003 ladies appliance uses medical silicone. The plump and soft 

little tongue continues to massage the perineum, U-spot and anus,

 simulating real tongue licking, and bringing you an orgasm.



This adult toy can roam around your most sensitive parts like a real tongue.

 Compared with other adult sex toys, this masturbator will 

bring you more intense and richer pleasure.


The H003 adult masturbation toy can penetrate 5cm into your body, 

and it is easier to touch the H point than the real tongue, 

making you feel the pleasure of squirting.


The H003 adult toys produced by S-HANDE adult sex toys manufacturers are not only 

easy to wash and anti-bacterial, but also more hygienic and safer than fingers. 

S-HANDE only provides you with better female masturbators.



#                                                                                                                                                                     Product Parameter                                                                                                                          S-006 Sex Toy                                                                                                                        
1main materialMedical grade silicone
2Vibration frequency9 frequency
3Battery capacity


4Charging time1.5 hours
5Usage time1-1.5 hours
6Charging modeMagnetic
7Maximum noise<40dB
8Female toysAdult sex toy manufacturers                             

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