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Remember: these 5 delicious foods are good for our sex

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        Why are oysters and chocolate the best Valentine's Day dinner? Because they are usually considered to have an effect on our sexual body. You know there are other foods that can also be good for our sex life


        Any self-respecting girl won’t say no to a romantic dinner in a fancy Italian restaurant. While you’re both looking at the menu, you might want to subtly hint that the pesto pasta dish comes highly recommended. Why? Pesto is full of pine nuts, which are actually high in zinc, just as oysters are. Zinc has been shown to increase testosterone levels as well as enhance performance (in and out of bed). This leads to a higher sex drive and more likely that she’d “pine” for your “nuts” (ok not so much the nuts but the tree, but you get the idea). In fact, pine nuts were a popular aphrodisiac in history too, with the Arabian physician.



        Modern-day research is touting the watermelon, with all its lycopene, citrulline and beta-carotene goodness, as the ideal go-to fruit to rev up your sex drive. Why? Let’s just say lycopene is Nature’s Viagra in helping certain parts of you relax blood vessels and improve circulation. Ask her over to your place and get your fruit juicer revving with a watermelon juice or smoothie, or cut it up into pieces and feed each other. Do you really need more ideas on how to swallow it?



        Capsaicin floods you with endorphins and makes your blood rush to all the important body parts – muscles, heart, and of course the one part that’s the most important when it comes to sex – your penis brain. Okay, both. You don’t have to go all out with the hottest habañeros though, just a touch of sambal or cayenne pepper is enough to get the body stimulated. Don’t go overboard and end up with a night of the runs either, that’s never any fun.


        Cruciferous veggies

        Don’t sweat, this just refers to a family of vegetables named this way after the shape of their flowers that resembles a cross. Cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale all fall under this family,. They regulate your hormone levels to boost testosterone, which is especially helpful for men after 40 who have dipping testosterone levels and perhaps issues with ED. They’re also cancer-fighting! If you’ve ever thought it was lame to order a salad for dinner, shame on you; you’d better start adding more cruciferous veggies to your diet now.

Cruciferous veggies.jpg


        Eggs are a nutrient carrier for human sexual function and a "reducing agent" to restore vitality after sex. A few days before marriage, Arabs burn eggs with green onions to defend the beauty of sex on the wedding night. What kind of food to eat for impotence? Indian doctors suggested that couples drink more rice porridge cooked with eggs, milk and honey before sexual survival. There is also a custom of fried eggs for wedding dinners in China. Newlyweds often have sex and have a lot of physical expenditure. Eating eggs helps to recover their bodies quickly.


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