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The annual revenue of the vibrator for women industry is nearly £12 billion

The number of clicks:35 Date:2020-08-05

        According to stats, roughly half of our have played around with a sex toy, such as vibrator for women, while an Indiana University study found that 50 per cent of women use a vibrator regularly.


        Why should we use a vibrator for women for women?

        So whats the big deal, aside from it feeling, well, really rather good? You may be surprised to hear that the health benefits of using a vibrator for women are multi-faceted.

        Studies suggest that investing in (and experimenting with) a vibrator for women can, for women:

        Ease body aches and menstrual cramps

        Help improve and improve sleep quality

        Reduce night sweats in menopausal ladies.


        Plus a 2019 Harvard study found that vibrator for womens can help ease vaginal atrophy, vulval or vaginal pain and vaginal tightness, which is sometimes caused by vaginismus, vulvodynia, lichen sclerosus, gynae cancer treatments, low libido and neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis.

       Alongside the reams of health benefits of getting intimate with a vibrator for women, it can also have a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing. Reports show that using a vibrator can help promote confidence, happiness and relaxation. The dream deal.


        Whether you use it for health or recreational reasons, the question remains: Where do we find the best vibrator for womens for women? I think S-hande would be a good choice. S-hande'all products,certificating with CE and ROHS,from raw material to semi-finished and finished choosing and producing are in high accordance with ISO9001 requirements.Now we have over 280 models of sex toys, covering vibrators, kegel ball, male masturbators, couple toys, bullet vibrators, massagers and so on. I believe many products There will always be one for you! S-hande is more than happy to work with customers on developing and researching in sex toy paradise.